Resident/Faculty Evaluations

Residents are evaluated twice yearly by faculty, administrative staff, nursing staff, and patients. These evaluations are done using the e-value system on-line under blinded, confidential conditions. Evaluations are designed to directly assess specified core competencies within the overall goals and objectives for each rotation period. The program director meets with all residents twice yearly to review the evaluations.

Individual strengths and areas for improvement are reviewed and short-term goals for specified competencies are set forth for the next six- to twelve-month period. Resident concerns and comments regarding performance and programmatic needs are reviewed. Career goals and long-term career planning are discussed twice annually.

Faculty are evaluated twice yearly by residents using the e-value system on-line under blinded, confidential conditions. Residents are encouraged to frankly assess teaching skills, faculty mentoring, as well as comment on overall programmatic strengths and needs. Dr. Granstein, the department chairman, reviews summary scores and written comments with each faculty member individually.

Program strengths and weakness are discussed officially at the time of the twice-yearly resident evaluations. All residents are encouraged to express their opinions and suggestions on program curriculum and practice during this time, as well as whenever specific issues arise. The chief resident attends monthly faculty meetings and routinely participates in reviewing program effectiveness. Residents may also evaluate the program anonymously through the e-value on-line system.