Laboratory Investigations

The Dermatology Research Laboratory, directed by Richard Granstein, M.D., is the focus of laboratory investigation in our department. Major research programs of this laboratory involve studying:

  • The regulation of immune processes within the skin
  • How immunity in the skin is regulated by neuropeptides and cytokines (small proteins that provide important signals from one cell type to another)
  • The mechanisms by which ultraviolet radiation alters immune responses in the skin
  • The role of the immune system in the host response to cutaneous malignancies exists
  • New programs integrating these interests with gene therapy approaches to augment host immunity against malignant tumors are being developed

These projects are funded primarily by NIH grants, but also with significant support from industry, foundations and private contributions.

Laboratory research is also carried out at the Laboratory of Investigative Dermatology at Rockefeller University under the direction of James Krueger, M.D., Ph.D. Work in this laboratory centers on investigations into the pathophysiology of psoriasis and novel approaches to therapy of that disorder. This laboratory is funded by the NIH, private foundations, industry, and private individuals.