Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the website of the Department of Dermatology at the Weill Cornell Medical College and the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. On this website you will find information regarding our clinical, research, and educational activities, as well as the many dermatological conditions and disorders that we treat. It is our mission to provide our patients with the very best care in all areas of medical and surgical dermatology; to comprehensively prepare our residents in both clinical and personal skills; and in research, to explore new approaches to the treatment of skin diseases through a variety of projects aimed at understanding the physiology and pathophysiology of the skin.

Annually, the Department of Dermatology has over 36,000 patient visits. With our Weill Cornell Connect program, patients can easily set up and review appointments online, as well as access updated medical records and contact their physicians. Our department works closely with our patients to assure the highest quality of care, and we regularly send out surveys to our patients in a constant effort to improve the quality of our care and awareness of patient needs. 2012 will be a significant year of growth for our department, as we are opening additional offices at East 61st Street and 84th Street, as well as expanding our patient care programs to include general health and wellness, as well as a specific focus on pediatric medicine.

Our department has an active residency training program with the goal of preparing residents for careers as outstanding clinicians and researchers. We teach technical training in all aspects of surgical and medical dermatology, as well as the values of compassion and humanism that are most important for a physician. Our department takes seriously its responsibilities in educating medical students at all levels, as well as physicians in other disciplines who need training in dermatology. We also provide educational programs for the lay community regarding the prevention and recognition of skin diseases and public health measures that promote good skin health.

The Weill Cornell Department of Dermatology performs cutting-edge research in the basic and clinical sciences relevant to dermatology and cutaneous biology. It is through the production of new knowledge that we will be able to improve our ability to diagnose and treat the conditions that afflict our patients.

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Dermatology. If you need further information, please contact us directly at your convenience.

Richard D. Granstein, MD
Professor and Chairman
Department of Dermatology
Weill Cornell Medical College
New York-Presbyterian Hospital